What his ass brings to the band:

Micah contributes over 10 years experience playing guitar and less than 2 months playing bass. His melodic basslines are guided by a deep seated need to fix all that's wrong in the world--to dig into the strings with abandon and rumble the tyrants of the world off of their thrones with great, long, waves of sound...and habañero taco sauce.

He also helped to design this fine website for your dining pleasure.


· Black Sabbath
· Tool
· Sepultura
· Carnivore
· Morbid Angel
· Six Feet Under
· Chimera
· System of a Down
· Monkey Knife Fighting
· Blue Oyster Cult
· Shellac
· Primus
· (Ok, so monkey knife fighting isn't a band, but wouldn't you pay to see it?)

Bands You’ve Seen Him in:

· Cobalt (Blues): A fine rock, rhythm, and blues band that had too few gigs. We played 3 hour non-stop sets in seedy bars and peoples houses.
· Chaos Structure: Rank amateurs with gobs of raw talent. Alas, too few gigs, too much in fighting. Still, we made it to the second round of a metal battle of the bands.

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