Greg Eisenach - Guitars/Lead Vocals
Micah Goldstein - Bass/Backing Vocals
Ryan Dyson - Drums/Percussion/Keys/Vocals


Music: Eisenach, Dyson
Lyrics: Eisenach


Music: Dyson, Eisenach
Lyrics: Dyson


Music: Eisenach, Dyson
Lyrics: Dyson, Eisenach


Music: Eisenach
Lyrics: Eisenach

Recorded and Mixed by: Ryan Dyson
Photography by: hazel Boutin
Graphic Design/Layout by: Ryan Dyson
Cover/CD Art and Graphics by: Micah Goldstein, Greg Eisenach
CD Manufactured in the U.S. by Discmakers

Special Thanks:

Ashen Relic would like to thank the following for their support (in no particular order): Yuri Dyson; Renee Nicole Boutin; Judy, Tressa, Anthony and Ashley Eisenach; Bob and Beth Dyson; Dale and Louise Hoover; George Goldstein; Dan Birkemeier; Tony Korbe; Mike Stoltzman; Portland Music Co.; The 12th Fret; KMA Electronics; Jack at Mr. Music, Sam's Hollywood Billiards; Brady and The Roseland; Kiel Bishop and Debris; Shawn and Gudgen; Todd and AFM; Chelle and Stabitha; Erlking; Dead X; Mantra; Flexie, Paul and everyone who's ever resided (or crashed) at the Greenhouse; Quintaine; Dan L.; Rob Butler; Brien Langill; Shaun, John and Bradshaw; Jethro (the Foreman); Glen Sasek; Raven; Erick; George and Linda Hofmann; Jose; Jerry and Tammie; April; Jesse; Nola; Shawn; Eric; Craig; Alan; and Norman Cox and Vagabond Magazine.

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